Rangiora Returned Services Association Inc.

Early records of the Association have been lost, but it is known that on the 28th July 1919, a meeting was held for the purpose of forming a branch of the Returned Soliders’ Association at which the Mayor, Mr CI Jennings, presided.

At the meeting it was decided to form a branch to include Sefton, Ashley Bank, Loburn, Fernside and Cust.

On 20th October 1919, the Secretary wrote to the Registrar of Incorporated Societies advising that it had been decided to form a branch of the RSA, and that having over 100 members, they were forming a separate Association.

On 5th December 1919, an application was lodged to have the Association incorporated and was duly incorporated as a separate society.

In 1934 the membership of the Association was 138, and in 1969 it was 56 WWI, 282 WWII and 12 Honorary when by resolution, the 56 WWI members were conferred with Life Memberships.

A major change to membership came in 1981 when the first “Service members” were admitted to the Association.  Until this time the only way to become a RSA member was to have served overseas in time of hostilities.  Today we have those who have served overseas, at home during WWII, those who have done comulsory military training, National Service, Volunteer Territorials, Regular Force, Police, in fact if you have taken the ‘Oath of Allegiance’ and served in the Armed Forces at any time you are considered eligible for membership.

At the Annual General Meeting held on 24th March 1971, a proposal was tabled to form a “Chartered Club”.  An investigating committee was formed to report back within 4 months whether to apply for a Chartered Licence.  Following a Special Meeting, a postal vote was held with 181 members in favour of the proposal. Considerable work followed with a hold-up in March 1972 when the initial hearing was delayed due to objections from the local publicans.  Finally, on 29 May 1972 the application for the Charter was heard resulting in a reserved decision.  Finally, a letter granting the Charter was received in June 1972 and so the Rangiora RSA Club was formed.

Rangiora RSA Club

Following the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010 the club has grown to be one of the best RSA Clubs in New Zealand.

In 2016 the club committee had the foresight to spend $4 million to extend and modernise the building which has meant the club continuing to grow and reinvent itself into a great community facility. The club has 2 large private function rooms attracting business and community groups for many functions and events. A large gaming room which has 18 modern machines and sports area with pool and darts, Sky TV, ATM and TAB facilities.

In 2020 our membership has grown to over 4000. Our club now has members of all ages which bodes well for the future. We recently took over the running of our Spitfire restaurant in house. It is open every day and attracts diners and groups celebrating their special occasions.

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