Indoor Bowls were first played in 1957 and in the first season 96 members joined up.

In the 1960’s, as well as the club night, a fortnightly Thursday evening tournament was held with up to 20 mats in use. In 1969 there were 24 teams comprising of ninety-six players playing this tournament.

When the RSA gained their liquor license the bowls were played in the old supper room (now the restaurant), using the lounge floor when more than 4 mats were required. In 1985 the bowls moved into the lounge bar floor only using the restaurant floor when more than 4 mats were required, until it was carpeted and could no longer be used.

Membership of the Indoor Bowls section has fluctuated over the years getting to a low of 8 members when older members retired. The membership has now grown again to 32 members.

The Indoor Bowls Section meets Monday evening at the RSA at 7.30pm.

If you wish to join our club please phone the club contacts

Section contacts:

Patricia Dodds tel: 3137617
Maureen Day tel: 313 5891

Section tel:

313 7617


President: Maureen Day
Vice President: Bill poysden
Secretary: Patricia Dodds
Treasurer: Bruce Renai
Club Captains: Wayne Milne & Keren Beckett

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